Dr Jack Messer - Chiropractor Perth

BSc (Chiro) BChiro

Hi, I am a dual qualified Chiropractor and Exercise Physiologist and I feel extremely lucky to be able to spend every day helping people achieve their optimum health.

I am invested in your overall well-being so I prefer to use a holistic approach that includes assessing other lifestyle factors that may be leading to poor outcomes. Gentle movement and specific exercises are two areas that I like to target to help increase my patients overall health.

I grew up in the South West, where I spent my school days in Bunbury and my weekends on my parents sheep farm In Margaret River. It was at this time that I developed a love for movement and all the benefits of being able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

I enjoy all sports whether it be playing or watching, though surfing is my sport of choice, as it combines all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and a strong body, while getting you outdoors.