Dr Russell Jensen - Chiropractor Perth

BSc (Chiro) BChiro

Hi, I’m Dr Russell Jensen,

I studied Chiropractic at Murdoch University and graduated as a Chiropractor in 2014.  Since graduating, I have worked at Canning Healthcare and I love it.  And honestly, since graduating, I’ve never worked a day because I love what I do.

My approach to Chiropractic focuses on maintaining mobility, preventing injury and promoting wellness.  My therapy is a blend of traditional chiropractic adjustments and a soft tissue therapy called Integrative Diagnosis.  My treatment breaks down scar tissue in the body to restore normal movement and alleviate pain.  I use these therapies to work on all manner of spinal and non-spinal musculoskeletal conditions.

If my approach resonates with you and you think my treatment will help you then book an appointment online or give our practice a call.

I look forward to meeting you soon.