Dr Cherie Haigh, Chiropractor

Education: BSC (Chiro) BChiro

Experience: Cherie has been a health care professional for hundreds of people and their families. She has complete trust in chiropractic and its effectiveness. As a mother of three boys, Cherie knows first-hand the importance of family health. She also understands all the information out there can be daunting, so aims to help her patients make informed health decisions.

Cherie has an interest in women's health and back pain, particularly pregnancy care. Her techniques include Diversified, Sacral Occipital Technique, Drop Piece, Spinal Mobilisation, and a variety of soft tissue therapies including Graston technique.

Favourite part of working at Canning Healthcare: I love that my job enables me to support mothers. As a mum of young children myself, I understand the pressures women are under – sleep deprivation, carrying children, and generally having less “me” time. Mum's need to make sure they are feeling well so they can take care of the family.