Dr Lyndon will be speaking at the international conference on clinical chiropractic education in Tokyo Japan in late March. This 2-day workshop/conference/seminar is an international review of models used by chiropractic institutions around the world to deliver quality clinical education for their students. It is scheduled for Friday 27th March 2015 and Saturday 28th March 2015 in Tokyo and is hosted by the Tokyo College of Chiropractic to celebrate their 20th year of delivering quality, internationally-accredited, chiropractic education in Japan. Keynote speakers will present models used in North America, Mexico, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia and in Japan.

Dr Lyndon will be the representative from Murdoch University, Western Australia and will speak on “A Senior Supervising Clinician’s view – Broadening experience through outreach activities”

You can find out more by clicking on the link here  http://www.chiro.tokyo/program