Canning Healthcare - Remedial Massage Perth Southern Suburbs

About Remedial Massage in Perth Southern Suburbs

We have two highly qualified Remedial Massage Therapists delivering massage to invigorate or calm the nervous system – depending upon what is required by the individual. We are set up for pregnancy massages and our Remedial Massage Therapists work closely with our Chiropractors to deliver quality care for our patients’ optimal health and well-being.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is not just for athletes, but is a revitalizing massage, working deeper muscles to provide pain relief and to help restore mobility and flexibility.

Swedish massage for your relaxation. Tired and tense muscles are soothed, circulation is enhanced and you will feel rejuvenated and rested.

Many people think that in order for a massage to be effective it needs to hurt. That isn’t always the case. Yes, remedial massage can be painful but there is a difference between good pain and bad pain. Everybody has their own pain threshold and even the lightest massage can be remedy to ease pain/tension.

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