Lower back pain is the most common reason someone will first consult with a chiropractor at Canning Healthcare.
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The pain experienced not only affects your lifestyle and your ability to work and your lifestyle but can make you miserable.

Chiropractic gets solid results with back pain and our chiropractors work with you to set you up for success. We perform an in depth evaluation (history and examination) so we know what structures are damaged and what injury or lifestyle factors caused your current break down. This is so we can treat with certainty and help with education and advice on how to avoid another break down. Back pain is often the result of many lifestyle factors and as such we see patients have relapses due to doing what they’ve always done.

Many people ask whether lower back pain will get better by itself. In short, the answer is …. sometimes. If you have an isolated episode of back pain it will sometimes get better by itself. If, however, you have back pain and sometimes a sore mid back or neck you need to do something about it. This indicates you have an underlying spinal problem that needs addressing by a Chiropractor.

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