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When you’re in pain everything is a struggle. Sleeping is uncomfortable, moving is difficult, and work is a nightmare. You can’t even enjoy your downtime. 

Pain affects you physically but also mentally. It has been linked to loss of memory, as well as anxiety and depression. In other words? When you’re in pain, your whole life is affected.

It’s no wonder our Canning Vale chiropractic patients who suffer chronic pain arrive emotionally depleted. They’ve lost energy and confidence. And until that pain has gone, life is on hold.

So what do you do? Take pain killers and hope you feel better soon? Stop playing that sport you love so much? Keep battling on while your life shrinks in size?

Holistic Health +

Compassionate Care


What We Do

Canning Healthcare is a Canning Vale chiropractic clinic that takes a holistic approach to wellness and pain management. We believe if one part of your body isn't working effectively, you won’t be working effectively.

We treat our Canning Vale chiropractic patients through safe and effective chiropractic methods and remedial massage.

We don’t use medication or surgery, but natural techniques to reduce pain, restore movement, avoid further injury, and improve the quality of your life.


A Canning Vale chiropractic clinic

Canning Healthcare has operated for over 30 years. Together, our team has over 60 years of experience. We love helping the Canning Vale community feel the best they can possibly feel.
Whether your goal is to treat an injury, get to the bottom of a recurring headache, or successfully manage chronic pain – Canning Healthcare is a Canning Vale chiropractic clinic who will help you on your journey towards a happy and pain-free life.


Book an appointment at our Canning Vale chiropractic clinic and visit one of our caring chiropractors and remedial massage therapists. We’re open Monday through Saturday. Call today.