Strengthening your back, shoulders, and legs will reduce the likelihood of back injury and strengthen your spine to avoid unnecessary strain. Stretching can relieve pain in some cases.

Here are exercises we recommend:

Strengthen your back and prevent injury with these exercises and stretching techniques.

Scapula Position Exercise

This exercise strengthens your shoulder and your core, and helps to correct bad posture. Scapula strength and mobility helps to avoid injury. Good one if you play tennis!

Banded Squat

Good Morning Exercise

A gentle lower back and hamstring stretch. A movement suitable for a morning warm up (hence the name), particularly for those with chronic back injuries.

A pelvic and spinal stabilising and strengthening exercise to help reduce the recurrence of lower back pain.


Deep Neck Flexor Exercise

Neck strengthening and mobilising to reduce pain and prevent reoccurrence. Good one for those who feel their neck “seize up”.

Rotator Cuff Exercise

A great one if you experience problems with your shoulder. This exercise strengthens the shoulder and helps to regain normal posture. It will help to prevent further pain in the area.

Hip Lift Exercise

A pelvic exercise to strengthen your core and glutes. Both these muscle groups help to support your lower back. Keeping them strong will prevent injury.


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